Wake up Ready to

Bring It!

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?  Have more energy? 

Get results that last? And have a positive mindset around food, exercise and yourself?


Learn how to avoid all the fad diets and training plans and create the healthy lifestyle of YOUR dreams!

I've been in the fitness industry for years and 

I've seen SO many women jumping on the latest fad diet, workout, detox, cleanse. 

And the one common theme is....Failure

You know what I mean.  You know what your end result is, but getting there has become a challenge.


This program is for you if:


You are tired of not knowing where to start to accomplish your goals.


  You are feeling overwhelmed from all the tons of health and fitness programs, fad diets, workouts detoxes that are all over the internet.



 You are tired of giving up shortly after you start because you're not seeing results.


You are ready to give up the yo-yo dieting and over-exercising because you crave results that last.



You want to stop stressing about how to fit social gatherings into your life while still maintaining your fitness goals.



You want to be able to travel with you friends and family without feeling guilty for indulging and enjoying the things you like.



You want to start aging in reverse!  Age is just a number!



You are finally ready to level-up and create the BALANCE in your life that you have always craved!

You are ready to be DONE living your life like that. 


You want to have a consistent plan in place, that fits into YOUR lifestyle.


You want to be able to eat the foods that you like without agonizing over gaining weight.  

You want to be social, travel, enjoy time with friend and family while wearing the clothes that you like and feeling comfortable in your skin.

You want to truly understand HOW to workout and How to meal prep so that you're not depending on trainers and coaches for the rest of your life.


Jana Stewart is a Health & Lifestyle Accountability Coach and Wellthy Engagement Consultant who is passionate about living an active, healthy and blissful lifestyle. Jana’s approach to successful healthy lifestyle living includes combining exercise, nutrition, and positive mindset training into her teachings.  She holds a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degree and has spent countless hours studying, practicing and speaking on the topics that she teaches. 


She has spent the last 15 years traveling around the world sitting on panels, teaching seminars and educating people on how to change their lives. As a result of Jana’s hard work, she has been featured in several magazines, news publications, and has been a guest blogger/ writer and interviewed for many online publications; commenting on pressing health, fitness and lifestyle topics.  For several years, Jana was a top ranked national figure competitor and earned pro status with the WNSO. 


She currently spends her time running a successful online health and lifestyle program that helps busy professionals discover blocks allowing them to accomplish their health, fitness, lifestyle and career goals. 

"Because of her workouts and encouragements, I went from being a 165-pound clinically depressed college student, to a 110-pound running fanatic, with a huge love for life. I'll forever be grateful to her for inspiring me to get my life back into shape!" 

A Healthy Lifestyle is at your fingertips!

"You can have it all, you control what you get and how much you get 
-- all with your thoughts and actions."

Jana Stewart

Ok, so you and I both know that it's easy to hire a coach who will send you workouts and meal guides.  You follow the plan, get average results or results that don't last.  

You stop following the plan, try doing it your way.....which causes a problem because you're not a heath coach, you don't know how to put your own plan together which is why you hired a coach in the 1st place.

But you seriously deserve better.  You're at the place in your life where your successful at all other areas of your life but this fitness thing is just hasn't worked out.

But don't give it.  It does not have to be difficult......exhausting.....and a waste of time.

You just haven't been taught the How's and Why's.  Most trainers give you just enough with the hopes that you'll keep coming back month, after month and even year after year.

But that's not how I operate.  After my clients work with me, they go on to LIVING their ultimate healthy lifestyle 

Meet Maya

Meet Maya! Maya was no stranger to working out and dieting but after going at it for so many years, she became burnt out and stopped getting results.

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Lasting results!

Maya got such great results following her Macro plan that she's still doing it (2 years later)!

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I use to work in the pharmaceutical industry and from what I observed, what set the top rated and respected doctors apart from their colleagues was their commitment to getting their patients to the point where they didn't need to keep coming back for ailment after ailment.  

You see, a lot of the Doctors I called on complained about the lack of money they were making, so they needed to pile patient after patient after patient in daily to live the life they wanted.  Needles to say, getting a patient healthy and beyond dependency on a doctor was not at the top of their mind.

I take the approach of the top rated and respected Doctors that I use to work with.  I teach my clients how to continue living a healthy lifestyle AFTER they are done working with me.  To this day, I get tickled when former clients of mine are stepping up their workouts, doing the same workouts as me when I'm prepping for a fitness competition, and tracking Macros like they track their bank accounts.  I LOVE it!

That's exactly how it should be!  Which is why my program not only includes workouts, nutrition guides and mindset training, but I also educate you on why you should workout!  How you should workout! How to plan your own Macro plan based on your goals!  How to plan your own workouts based on you goals, time allotment and schedule!

In fact, I have many clients to go on to coach their family members and friends because of what they have learned from my program.

all of this This is possible for you too!

Not only am I going to put you on a training and nutrition plan based on your goals, but I'm going to show you how I did it so that after you've completed {Wake Up Ready}, you'll have the knowledge to change up your plan at any time to fit your lifestyle and goals.

WUR Module 1.PNG
Module 1
Mindset / Goal Setting / Intentions

In this module, we are going to spend some time honoring ourselves and getting our minds right when it comes to our bodies, our abilities and our goals.  We will cover:

  • Self Love - Why it's so important and how to create it if it's something you lack.

  • Determine Your WHY - this is what's going to keep you going in even the tough times..

  • Goal Setting - how to goal set for optimal results

  • Decide & Commit 


Module 2
Nutrition 101 - Macros

In this module you will learn about the nutrition protocol that has worked for me and hundreds of my clients.  Macros! You will learn how to eat all the foods that you enjoy and how to fit them into your daily Macro count.

We will discuss the importance of getting adequate Protein, Carbs and Fats and why tracking them is so importnt.

WUR Module 2.PNG
WUR Module 3.PNG
Module 3

In this module you will learn why exercise, movement, activity is so important.  Why weight training is a must and how often you should be working out.


WUR Module 4.PNG
Module 4
Planning your Week for Success!

In this module you will learn how to set up your week to fit in your workouts, meal time and 'me' time. You'll also learn what to do when time and resources are limited.  There will be zero options to not accomplish your goals.

WUR Module 5.PNG
Module 5
Setting your kitchen up for Success

In this module you will learn what to rid your kitchen of immediately, how to read labels and what to look for, what NOT to purchase at the grocery store, how to section off your kitchen, how to have the will power when other people in your house are not on your plan and how to introduce your healthy lifestyle kitchen items to your family.


Module 6
Holding yourself Accountable

In this module you will learn why having a WHY and keeping it on your mind is important, why keeping your goals visible is important, how to create an electronic vision board, how to set small goals to push yourself along and why you may want to find an accountability partner.

WUR Module 6.PNG
WUR Module 7.PNG
Module 7
Bouncing back after set-backs

In this module you will learn about common triggers that may set you off your path.  Life happens.  Learn how to overcome and keep pushing.


WUR Module 8.PNG
Module 8
Improvising when time, energy and resources are limited

In this module you will learn exactly what to do if you're running behind schedule, have a busy day, tired from traveling, no gym or equipment available, stuck out without your meals, no heathy food options available.  Whatever the case may be, there are always options.

What We Do

WUR Module 9.PNG
Module 9
Quick and Easy healthy food options

In this module you will learn how to prepare quick and easy meals at home that take less than 30 minutes.  

You'll also learn how to do healthy shopping on the go!


Module 10
Staying on track at events and traveling

In this module you will learn how to stick to avoid going overboard while you're at a company event, social gathering, sporting event or vacation.  Learn how to still enjoy yourself while sticking to your goals.

WUR Module 10.PNG
WUR Module 11.PNG
Module 11
Planning Your own workouts

In this module you will learn how to never have to depend on a trainer or coach again!  You'll learn how to plan your own workouts based on whatever your goal is......Muscle Building, Fat Burning, only 2-3 days per week to workout, only cardio, etc.  


WUR Module 12.PNG
Module 12
Putting Your complete plan together

In this module you will learn how to take your goals, desires, schedule into consideration and plan your complete program around it.


You will learn how to apply everything you learned in this entire program and apply it to everyday life.

We’ll be covering all of this and more!

- Training Journals
- Macro Journals
- Basic home equipment to have
- Nutrition hacks to keep you on your goals


Accomplish goals and MAINTAIN them like you never have before!

You've designed YOUR healthy lifestyle

Total Value $12,000

(and that doesn't include the bonuses)

{Name of Program} is a live program that kicks off {Date}.  However, upon signing up, you will get access to my prvate Facebbok group and membership site where you'll have access to all the extra goodies that I'm throwing in.

Module One Begins {Date}!


This is not like your ordinary health coaching program.  It's way more.  Not only will you get in the best shape of your life, but you'll learn HOW to keep it up on your own.


This is a 12 week program where a new module will be released each week.


Along with that, I will be teaching a weekly live workshop to go along with each module.


WHILE at the same time, you'll get weekly workouts to follow according to your goals.  

Count Me In!

And I'm NOT done… there’s more!

A whole lot more

Are you ready for the Bouses?

Pat Pearson Pink Top.jpeg

Stop Self Sabotage Workshop

I've partnered up with Pat Pearson, licensed psychotherapist and author of 'Stop Self Sabotage' who will show you how to conquer any negative beliefs that might be sabotaging your health and fitness goals.

Value $500

Meal / Workout Planner

This isn't your average planner where you just fill in the blanks.  I've designed a planner with workouts listed for you along with a variety of foods with nutrients included.  So all you have to do is pick and choose what you like according to your goals.

Value $100

Lifetime Membership to my private Group

This is where 

Value $1500


LIVE Workouts!

Bi-Weekly live workouts with me!


TOTAL VALUE FOR ALL Workouts $1200

Total Value of Program + Bonuses:  $15,300

Regular Price:  $3500



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