Welcome to My 40 Fit Life!

So here’s my story (or at least part of it:). I graduated from college with a Masters degree at the age of 24, immediately landed a corporate job that 6 months later lead to another amazing corporate job which allowed me to work from home and travel all over the world. I spent months in exotic places such as Rio de Janiero, Guam and Hawaii. After working that job for about a year, I upped and moved to LA and worked a few ‘LA’ type jobs (Entertainment PR, DreamWorks, etc). I then gallivanted all over the US living in Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas and back to LA where I started my own company which allowed me to workout everyday on the beach, travel all over the world and live, eat, breath health and fitness every single day!!

Then in 2012 it all came crashing down. In the course of a month, the most amazing, generous and kind man I’ve ever known (my Father) lost his life to Cancer, two weeks later, I lost my main client, the one that paid me the bulk of my income (that’s a good lesson to all on the importance of having more than one stream of income). So needless to say, due to financial constraints, my cushy LA lifestyle was about to come to an end. I could have hustled to stay, but in all honesty, I knew I needed to be there for my Mother who was now living in a house alone, where she had been use to living with my Father for almost 50 years.

So I packed up my bags and drove myself back to Detroit (with a short 2 month detour in Atlanta). My 1st four years in Detroit were rather pitiful. Although manifesting was something that I had been good at for so many years, I all of a sudden sucked at it. I could not focus and get my mind right to visualize. I moved in November, it was the worst winter that Detroit had seen in years. I was depressed and rarely left the house. I wasn’t even going to the gym regularly. And when I did go, I did very little weight training. Just aimlessly walked on the treadmill and listened to my music. Over the next 4 years things SLOWLY got better. I partnered up with some really good people and started to have fun! I re-joined my favorite gym, tried to get active and build my business back up and get myself out of the rut that I was in. I even joined a few online dating sites! That’s a whole different post, I KNOW I must have been going through it to have dealt with the characters that I entertained. In 2017, things really started to change in my head. I visualized really good things happening in my life and declared that 2017 was going to launch a whole new life for me. I started gaining my confidence back and I was actually able to SEE (imagine, believe) good things happening to me. I started getting out, networking (a little bit) and making real, actionable moves to change my life.

In December of 2017, things REALLY started to change. I met a successful entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry that gave me an amazing opportunity to showcase my knowledge of health and fitness. And on December 18th I was offered an amazing opportunity to work in a field that my wonderful father introduced me to when I was just a little girl. I’m so excited about the future. The first 4 ½ years of my 40’s were filled with unhappiness, dissatisfaction, lack of motivation and vision. But I’ve promised myself that the rest of my 40’s will be filled with happiness, travel, success, vision, great relationships, multiple income streams and total bliss. And I’ll be documenting it all, right here, on the Forty Fit Life.